Supply Chain Analytics in Excel

The supply chain is the sequences of processes used to produce and distribute a commodity. In this webinar we show you how to use Excel to improve the performance of a supply chain.
Duration: 1 Day
Hours: 2 Hours
Training Level: All Level
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About the Course:

Industry analysts across the world predict that both supply chain management and analytics will be among the most in-demand workplace skills. Let's study together and understand a short introduction to Supply chain using Excel.

Course Objective

  • You will learn how to optimize many aspects of a supply chain including forecasting, distribution, inventory, project management, managing process bottlenecks, and handling waiting lines.

Who is the Target Audience?

  • Accountants, Supply chain, and Financial Analysts.

Basic Knowledge:

  • Basic understanding of how to enter and copy an Excel formula.

Total Duration: 2 Hours
Optimizing Shipping with the Excel Solver
Optimizing warehouse location with the Excel Solver
Managing processing bottlenecks with the Excel Solver
Economic Order Quantity (EOQ) and Safety stock inventory models
Forecasting with the Excel Forecast Sheet
Queuing Models
Using the Excel Solver to solve the Traveling Salesperson Problem (TSP)